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Hell All,

I am finally getting around to making my first post here. I'm going to use this as a place to show off how our home is making shape, my forays into becoming a better cook and baker and my crafty projects. I figure this would be a good place to keep things separate from live journal, but I will also update here about things I'm not all together wanting to post at lj. For some reason this place seems to be fresh and a new beginning of sorts. I feel like I can be more freer with my thoughts, with no pressure to try and have to weigh what others will think. Sometimes you just need a little space to make your own and I'm hoping upon hope that this place will be that.

Now no one needs to get worried as I don't plan on leaving lj. It was my first home and shall be my home. I will say why cannot one make pretty layouts here like you can at lj. It is very frustrated to have a space that is not really reflected of my person. Fehs dreamwidth, fehs I say! I have off of work today, because Monday was a paid holiday and I'm trying my best to play catch up on the house, my graphics and myself. I really want nothing else than to take a nice long bubble bath and read. I haven't had a good alone time for myself in awhile and I need that time in order to recharge the batteries. Work has been hectic, with people out sick, people on vacation, people who have left, etc. It is beyond being able to keep control of one's sanity. Oh well, I can only do what I can do, plug along and get it done.

The new house is wonderful. There is more space than we have furniture and stuff to fill it. So for example our family room has no furniture in it at all, the guest bedroom right now has none - but we will need to get some when my mom visits for Christmas. I don't even have enough dishes to go a couple of meals without needing to clean them up. How sad, we only have 4 forks, I have no clue where the rest are and plates. I have like 2, it's maddening. I think I have found a nice set I like at Target, that will go with the Spanish/Cuban theme we are going for. I want something warm, cozy, bright, inviting and with a bit of jazz hands to it. I might be asking for too much out of a kitchen space but we will see how it all turns out in the end. I haven't found any kind of towel set I like yet, or a dining room set, as our current one is a bit too small for the space now. It is much bigger than our old house, so I'm stuck with trying to find something that will work. The husband and I really like the rustic feel of things, neither of us are modern, classy, and sophisticated people. Our rooms shouldn't tell lies about us either. I just want something homey. Any suggestions of things or pieces feel free to let me know. Right now our walls are a yellow and darker one, I have a chair rail in the dining around and the top part and the rest of the kitchen is in the brighter yellow hue and the bottom portion of the chair rail is the darker hue in the dining room.

Okie, enough about the kitchen and that. I shall not bore you any longer. I will be posting my Cuban meatloaf recipe in a bit, it is one of my husband's favorite dishes I make and I quite am proud of it as well.


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